A start-up loan for long-established companies – how should this be?

With its “ERP Start-Up Loan – Universal” ABC offers a favorable financing package up to a credit volume of € 10 million. These loans have a term of between five and twenty years (for mortgage lending or the acquisition of companies and active participations). The interest rates can be fixed for the entire (twenty-year) term.

Secure basis for calculation

Secure basis for calculation

This variant in particular offers a secure basis for calculation over the entire investment horizon. Nevertheless, the borrower can, if necessary, terminate the contract prematurely after ten years, subject to the known modalities – without incurring any prepayment penalties.

Of course, in addition to traditional investments, 100% of the necessary resources can also be fully financed.

An additional bonus: The entrepreneur can use these resources to even repost existing loans (overdrafts or long-term loans) to his house bank. This can generate some considerable interest benefits.

Normally, this start-up loan is only available to start-up companies or young companies / freelancers in the first three years of construction. This even if the start-up project is initially pushed as a sideline.

How can “long-established companies / freelancers” take advantage of these advantages?


A possible way would be the legal change of legal form. If the entrepreneur has changed the legal form for whatever reason, ABC’s definition is a newly founded company. The outlined start-up phase of three years starts to run again. Such a constellation is not so rare. The founder starts as a sole trader, his business develops magnificently and eventually the tax consultant “recommends” to change over to a corporation (eg GmbH).

We also find a similar option with partnerships


The admission or the departure of a new, personally liable partner (with management authority) or a new general partner leads to a start-up within the meaning of the funding guidelines.

Such “skinned” companies can (again) fall back on the interesting program variant presented here.

Before I forget it: If a shareholder divorces from a ABC or a new one increases, this also leads to a “virgin” claimant at the ERP Start-up Loan – Universal.

As so often, it pays to use expert support to work out these and other variations for your own benefit.

The banks and savings banks will not always undergo this effort, because their interest in public development loans is usually not very pronounced.