Beware of the words you use to request a loan

Research shows that it is very likely that loan applicants seeking to appeal to the emotional side will not be able to meet their financial obligations.

Research shows that loan seekers who seek to appeal to an emotional aspect such as God’s mention, divorce, promises or requests for help, self-pity, or the need for family members or potential creditors or mentioning the date of repayment are very much likely to fail to meet their financial obligations. Keep this in mind, even if you want to borrow your friends or acquaintances from you.

Which words are used by payers and by non-payers


Conversely, for those who showed higher financial stability and were better financially literate, they used phrases such as “excellent credit”, “lower interest rate”, or recalled their ambitions such as ending school, wedding, and so on, they were more likely to pay back borrowed money.

Exorbitantly decent behavior, even worthy and frequent use of words such as “Thank you very beautiful”, “You are very golden”, the use of future time as “will not be a problem” “I will have”, correlated with people who did not intend to keep their promises to repay their obligations .

Financial Adviser has ensured that debtors meet their obligations


That’s why  Financial Adviser  is made up of trained specialists and experts. Financial Adviser, who also pays people for loans to people, acts as an intermediary – thus lending investors money directly to loan applicants who have gone through a very strict  Financial Adviser scoring system . This approval process is stricter than in the bank, so that Financial Adviser will ensure that the borrowers to whom the loan is approved will indeed fulfill their obligations, thereby protecting Financial Adviser’s investors’ funds. In Financial Adviser, investors’ money is constantly under three-stage protection . Financial Adviser provides loans from people for people in the range of € 1,000 to € 15,000 for 1 to 5 years . Financial Adviser can also provide you with more favorable terms than you already have  existing offer from another company .


By researching, companies can reduce% of outstanding loans

outstanding loan

The use of correct word research has been presented by a team of professors who analyzed more than 18,000 loan applications made in the US in 2007 and 2008 through Peer 2 Peer lending at Prosper. They focused on the words used in online loan applications, which later remained unpaid. If research was known before Prosper, which offers online loans through Peer to Peer Lending in the US, the company would be able to reduce the% of outstanding loans by 4-5.7%, which is approximately 1.4%. million. $.

But we must remember that the US was on the verge of a great recession at the time, and Prosper was just beginning. This year, according to Goldman Sachs, Americans borrow more money through P2P lending companies than banks. P2P lending founder, ie people-to-people loans, is ZOPA  , which has been operating since 2005.