Connecting the World – One Meeting at a Time

True to Delta’s mission that “no one connects the world better,” the airline’s 360-degree approach to meeting travel offers customers a variety of industry-leading innovations in the air and on the ground. For businesses with an active Business Sale Agreement, Delta Edge Meetings™ offers discounts, flexibility and premium benefits. For associations, non-profit organizations and conventions with 50 or more travellers, Delta Meeting Network® provides access to over 300 destinations worldwide and a variety of options for booking trips. For those planning international meetings with travelers from at least two countries different from the country of the meeting venue, SkyTeam® Global Meetings offers industry-leading discounts through a simple booking tool for 18 world-class participating airlines.

As demand for business travel, group bookings and face-to-face events continues to grow, Delta remains committed to getting travelers where they need to be, on time and safely. Learn more about Delta’s meeting schedule below and contact your sales representative with any questions:

Delta Edge Meetings – Premium Benefits and Superior Flexibility

When it comes to meeting travel for your busy, on-the-go Road Warriors, a simple booking process, premium benefits, and flexible pricing top the list of must-haves. To help you plan and price meeting travel for your business, Delta is proud to offer Delta Edge Meetings™, specially designed to integrate with business sales contracts.

When you register a meeting with Delta Edge Meetings, you gain access to valuable benefits such as reports and financial incentives. Attendees enjoy Corporate Priority benefits including improved seat selection, priority boarding and priority service recovery in the event of an irregular operation. In addition, your meetings count towards the fulfillment of the contract. Customers are also eligible for incentives for meetings with 50 or more attendees traveling on Delta or codeshare flights. And as part of Delta’s core mission of creating a more sustainable future for travel, Delta is offering the opportunity to use a principal rebate in UATP funds to purchase sustainable aviation fuel.

Delta is never satisfied with the status quo, so Delta Edge Meetings continues to grow and improve. In 2022, Delta teams have been hard at work improving these meeting products, reporting, financial incentives, and 24/7 support with customer success as the top priority. Delta implemented feedback from meeting planners, corporate travel managers and TMC partners focused on flexibility, simplicity and value. With improved efficiency and improved processes for Delta Edge Meetings, Delta’s turnaround time for pricing administration has gone from three days to 24 hours. Later this year, Delta Partners will have access to a new and improved meetings platform, with on-demand tools at their fingertips.

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