Embrace a hybrid, virtual future for meetings

Live and in person

Respondents to our survey, who provided their responses in October, made it clear that they had outgrown pandemic-era restrictions on in-person meetings. Around 83% of respondents said their organizations had already started hosting live events again, while only 14% said their organizations had not.

Similarly, only 26% of respondents indicated that their companies still have policies that require stakeholders to hold virtual events instead of in-person meetings; Among them, about 15% expect these policies to disappear by March 2023.

It’s quite different from the last two years. At least 56% of respondents said their organizations need virtual events in certain situations, but no longer do so.

“In person came back extremely strongly; it’s the foundation of the events industry, but virtual is going to remain a mainstream option,” Patrick Smith, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at the meeting technology and sourcing company, told us. Cvent rooms. “A lot of organizations are going to continue to go virtual, not for every event but certainly for big name events, especially in the tech sector.”

Caroline Medcalf, Director of Locations and Events Research at Agiito, adds: “We believe the demand for virtual will increase again and the balance will shift towards smaller meetings being held virtually and larger face-to-face meetings. face with hybrid elements included as standard.

“There are benefits to live events that many of our customers have missed because you simply can’t replicate them in a digital or hybrid world, so we expect live to continue to dominate. However, the The landscape of event delivery options has expanded, and we will always explore the different options with our clients at the briefing stage to determine what works best to achieve their goals, live, digital or hybrid.

Cvent offers virtual and hybrid meeting management services alongside its live event services, and Smith suggested that the surge of in-person events in 2022, a phenomenon demonstrated by RFP data through the network of Cvent suppliers, does not thwart organizations. desire to employ a hybrid element to attract as much attention as possible.

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