Embrace the unknown with a surprise travel agency

Thinking of a surprise travel experience? Here are a few businesses to get you started.

Pack + go
The OG of the bunch, Pack Up + Go specializes in exploring your neglected backyard with air or train travel, road trips, and outdoor destinations across the United States. During the pandemic they also added staycations. Air or train travel starts at $700 for three days and they recently launched their own Peace of Mind Reimbursement Insurance for added flexibility, allowing reimbursements up to the day of travel.

The holiday hunt
Founded by travel enthusiasts, husband and wife Jeff Allen and Roshni Agarwal, Vacation Hunt plans U.S., European, International (with two separate categories) and All-Inclusive vacations for three to 14 days, with flat rate base prices ranging from $960 for domestic travel to $2,500 for European destinations. There is also a special section for planning honeymoons, where even if you have a destination in mind, they will save you a lot of time by helping you fill your schedule.

Magical Mystery Tours
With a name as fun as the service they offer, Magical Mystery Tours started in 2009 when two friends planned a vacation for a third, and it was a hit. Now they are planning domestic and international mystery trips, as well as planning traditional trips (currently on hold due to high demand for mystery trips). Trips start at $1,500 for a three-day domestic trip. You can also purchase a gift certificate if you know someone who could use a little more spontaneity in their life.

black tomato
Do you have deep pockets and a thirst for adventure? On their Get Lost tours, which start at $30,000, Black Tomato drops you off in the middle of nowhere and you have to find your way. A wilderness survival course is given beforehand, and before your trip they give you tips on how to prepare mentally and physically. Choose between polar, jungle, coastal, desert or mountain environments or have someone choose for you.

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