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Good online loans bad credit: fill in our form in 2 minutes 

We are in the middle of winter and the light and gas do not stop rising, which leads us to be scared every time the bill arrives. It seems that the January slope ends up extending throughout the first quarter of the year and that makes our pocket suffer. With this scenario, it is not strange that your budget is somewhat unsettled in these first months of the year and you are thinking about using good online loans bad credit from https://purplepaydayloans.com/. 

The so-called rapid or express credit is, in fact, a type of consumer credit, granted by credit or financial institutions, which has two peculiarities. The first one is that the amount that is granted is not too high, usually around 100 to 1,000 €. The second characteristic is that the return period is short, normally from 30 days to a few months.

The destination of the money requested can be very diverse. In fact, in these cases, the credit entities do not ask the client to inform them about the use they are going to give to that capital. It is indifferent if you are going to invest in your business, if you need to change the tires of the car or if you are going to give a trip to your partner for your anniversary.

In this product, the applicable interests tend to be somewhat higher than if another type of loan is used, but the speed with which the money is obtained and the few procedures that must be done usually compensate for that money that is paid more.

The fact that the procedures are simpler does not mean that there is no formalization of the contract since this step is totally mandatory. The contract must include the identity of both parties, the amount granted and the fees to be paid, as well as the time and manner of making the payment, commissions and other expenses that are applicable.

In reality, the contract is nothing more than a compilation of the rights and obligations of the credit institution and its client. It is extinguished once the consumer has fulfilled his obligation and has returned both the originally loaned amount and the corresponding interest.

Advantages and disadvantages of fast online loans

Advantages and disadvantages of fast online loans

All financial products have their good things and bad things, although in this case, they weigh more positive things.


  • In order to obtain the money, very few procedures have to be carried out and the requirements are accessible to most of the interested parties.
  • The answer is obtained quickly.
  • They are transparent products since the client knows from the first moment what interests he will have to pay.
  • Flexibility is offered when returning the money.
  • It is not necessary to give explanations about the purpose that will be given to money.


  • The applicable interest rates are somewhat higher than in other financing products.
  • It is usually necessary to take out insurance to cover the risk of default.
  • Certain entities establish limits to the credits that they grant to the same person throughout a year.

How much money can be asked? How is the return process?

We have already pointed out that through this product what is sought is to cover small financing needs. Hence, the quantities that can be obtained are not too high.

The amount that is shuffled depends on the entity with which we want to contract, but it is normal for the range to go from 100 to 1,000 €.

A certain flexibility is usually offered when making the return. The fastest and cheapest option is usually to return the money in the next 30 days. But, in practice, it is usual to offer clients the possibility of returning what is owed in several monthly installments.

If the time comes to pay you are in trouble, you should know that these entities are always willing to negotiate. You can talk to them and extend the payment term again, but you should bear in mind that this action will always imply an increase in the applicable interest. You get more time, yes, but you also make the debt somewhat bigger. However, this option is better and continue paying little by little to find a solvency problem.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, you do not have to take care of anything. The entity that has given you the money will charge the corresponding receipt in your account.

Are there limits or can I request all the microloans that I want?

This is a very frequent question among people who do not know these products. The truth is that there is no single answer because each financial system works in a different way. Despite this, in recent years some practices have been extended to avoid excessive debt on the part of customers.

There are entities that directly limit the number of quick loans granted to the same person throughout the year. In them, you can formalize two or three quick credit contracts a year, but no more.

Others do not have such a limiting limit, but they raise the percentage of applicable interest once the client has requested more than a certain number of fast online loans in a period of one year.

You must not forget that the purpose of this product is that you can meet the specific needs of money you may have. It is a short-term financing instrument, which is why limits are established. It is thus intended to prevent the same person from being in financial trouble by having several loans of this type pending.

But just as there are limitations there are also promotions. The most common is the one that usually applies to new customers. It is common for them to be offered the first loan with lower interest or even no interest if it does not exceed a certain amount.

If I am in FCI, can I ask for quick loans?

It depends a lot on the situation that each person has, but if these products receive the nickname of loans with FCI it is not by chance.

In fact, this type of financing began to popularize in Spain from 2008. The arrival of the crisis put in economic troubles many people who had to find alternative formulas to have the money they needed.

Frequently, these same people had already had solvency problems and their name was included in FCI and other records of unpaid or delinquent files. Denying them access to financing would have further aggravated their situation, which is precisely why fast online loans have emerged as a solution.

It is not that in these cases the solvency of the client is not taken into account, it is that the entities are somewhat more flexible in relation to it.

The normal thing is that if the inscription in the file of defaulters is due to a debt that is not too high (generally, that does not exceed an amount between 1,000 and 3,000 €) there is no problem to obtain the money.

Documentation needed to hire

If you want to apply for a quick loan you need to have at hand:

  • The DNI or NIE in force. Remember also that it is necessary that you are of legal age to hire a product of this type.
  • The bank account number in which you want to receive the money and through which you will make the return.
  • Telephone number or the email account for communications with the credit institution.
  • Payroll or another document that proves that you have some type of income (this is not always requested).

Development of the hiring process

In this financial product, everything is designed to be simple and fast. As the name indicates, all the hiring is done online.

To begin, you must enter the website of the financial institution with which you want to contract and select the amount you want and the return period. Immediately you will be shown the total amount that you must return, including capital plus interest.

This is when you can check the transparency to which we have previously referred. You are not shown abstractly the interest that you will have to pay so that you are the one doing the calculations, but you are directly informed from the first moment of the total amount that you are going to have to pay back. This allows you to make an analysis of your patrimonial situation and assess whether you can really face the payment in time and in the manner intended.

Once you have adjusted this data, it is normal to be asked to fill in a form with your personal information and contact routes. In order to prove your identity and your solvency, you may be asked to send a copy of your ID and the documents that justify your income.

After this, all you have to do is wait. The system will analyze your financial situation and determine if it is convenient or not grant the loan. In just a few minutes you will have a positive or negative response.

In some cases, the response time may be somewhat longer, but this should not worry you because it does not necessarily have to be a bad signal. In any case, it is normal that within 24 hours of submitting the application you have the answer.

Denial of the loan

It is not the most usual, but it can happen that the answer you receive is negative. This may be due to several reasons, such as the fact that you have too many outstanding obligations, that figure in the records of defaults for an amount outside the limits accepted by the entity with which you are negotiating or even that your documentation is expired.

Receiving the money if the loan is granted

The times may differ depending on the company with which you have been hired. In some cases, the money requested may be in the client’s account in a couple of hours, while in others it may take up to 48 hours.

Although the most common is that the customer receives the money through a transfer in their account, some entities allow you to receive the money directly through an ATM, without needing the person to be a customer of that bank and without using a card of credit. In these cases what is used is a mobile technology that sends several keys that the user must enter in the cashier to get their money in cash.

In total, since the contracting process begins until the money is received, it usually does not take more than 72 hours.

Customer profile of the fast loan online

The good thing about this product is that it is so versatile that it does not have a prototype client beyond being a person affected by a more or less urgent need to get a not too high amount of money. It can be a retiree, a worker, a student…

It is true that due to the facilities to access these loans, many of the clients are people who are registered in files of defaulters and who prefer not to go to the bank to avoid encountering a negative.

But there is also a high number of clients who are people who have never had any solvency problems, but who need money quickly and do not want to go through all the paperwork that the bank will ask for.

In short, from Astro Finance we are able to say that fast online loans are a good option in all those cases where money is needed and you do not want or can not access funding through more traditional channels such as banking entities, which always demand more time and more bureaucracy, as well as a significant amount of paperwork to prove that they are a solvent person.

What justifies the high interest rates of banks? /what-justifies-the-high-interest-rates-of-banks/ Mon, 30 Sep 2019 00:58:40 +0000 http://www.allin1-travel.com/what-justifies-the-high-interest-rates-of-banks/

The shortage of money, which was established during the economic crisis in our country, caused a general rise in the interest rates of banks. But after the storm, why do financial institutions continue to offer such high rates? In this post we give you the keys by which the traditional system maintains such high interest rates.

The rates, or interest rates, that apply to a loan depend fundamentally on the price of money. But there are other factors such as the duration of the loan, the rating (or the risk of the operation) and the credit history of the client, which are also essential to determine the rates of our loan.

Loan duration


It is not the same to ask for a short term loan. The monthly credit return fee in the first case will be greater, having to return the money in less time. While in the second case, we will pay a lower percentage each month but the total cost of the credit will be higher.

Operating risk


Depending on the project for which we request financing, a higher or lower rating will be established depending on the risk of the operation. At higher risk, higher interests.

The customer’s credit history

The customer

The customer’s credit history, or delinquency, is another key factor in determining loan repayment rates. The better the customer’s history in relation to the payment of their bills, the lower the interest rate.

So why are the credit rates of traditional financial institutions so high? On the one hand, banks include in the loan the contracting of other products such as credit cards, insurance, etc.

On the other hand, the bank seeks to obtain the greatest possible margin to cover its high structure costs and compensate for possible insolvency cases. On many occasions, banks do not properly evaluate the people or entities to whom they lend the money. The cost that this entails translates into higher interest rates for other customers.

The market already offers cheaper financing alternatives than those offered by banks. An example is that of online platforms, based on crowdlending, which eliminate the costly structure of the traditional system and reduce the risk of non-payment of the investment, by approving only loans from solvent people. This allows to offer much cheaper interest rates, compared to the prices offered by the traditional banking system.

Credit is essential to finance the purchase of housing /credit-is-essential-to-finance-the-purchase-of-housing/ Wed, 07 Aug 2019 11:59:19 +0000 http://www.allin1-travel.com/credit-is-essential-to-finance-the-purchase-of-housing/

According to a recent study, nearly 9 in 10 tenants with a real estate purchase project say they need a home loan. The bank loan has thus become a powerful engine for financing the purchase of housing.

Real estate credit: a must-have source for most homeowners

Real estate credit: a must-have source for most homeowners

Despite financial and banking crises, home equity is one of the main sources of money for a good majority of homeowners and households wishing to become homeowners. For example, a new study shows that 86% of tenants who want to access home say they need housing finance.

The figures show that among the French already homeowners, 42% still have a current housing credit. Thus, repayment of monthly payments represents approximately 36% of owners’ income. A slightly higher proportion than banks recommends (33% of net income). According to this survey, 48% of surveyed homeowners find it difficult to repay their outstanding loans. 44% report being unable to afford the best possible housing.

In addition, almost 60% feel that it is increasingly difficult to become homeowners and consider that they will have to work harder than their parents to access the property. This proportion is even greater when it comes to Millennials.

Real estate purchase: personal contribution remains important and necessary

Real estate purchase: personal contribution remains important and necessary

Among households that used credit to access homeownership, the personal contribution accounted for more than 10% of the total amount of the acquisition. However, in the details, the contribution varies between 10 and 30% for a third of owners surveyed, 30 to 50% for 13% of them and more than 50% for about 10% of them. More than half of the tenants with a real estate acquisition project intend to make a personal contribution of more than 10% of the project amount.

That 54% of the properties have drawn from their savings to make a personal contribution, 22% sold an existing property, 11% benefited from an inheritance, 8% obtained credit from their parents and 7% used the amounts allocated to leisure activities or vacations.

Despite the personal contribution, nearly 12% of the owners received a donation or help from their families. This proportion is nearly 25% for owners born between 1981 and 1996.

Payday loan – what to look for? /payday-loan-what-to-look-for/ Tue, 30 Jul 2019 11:44:52 +0000 http://www.allin1-travel.com/payday-loan-what-to-look-for/

The decision to take out a payday loan must be well thought out by us, because it is often a commitment that we will pay back over the next few years. However, when we are sure that we want to take this step, it remains to find the best offer that will be beneficial. What should we pay attention to in order to choose the right offer?

How to choose a payday loan ideally suited to our needs? It doesn’t have to be difficult, just stick to a few proven actions.

Analyze your financial possibilities

Analyze your financial possibilities

A payday loan is a very serious commitment, so when we decide to take it, we should carefully examine our budget. Our regular revenues as well as monthly expenses should be taken into consideration. This will help us determine how high installments we can afford to still have the funds we need every day. Sometimes it turns out that a better solution is to extend the loan, while reducing its installment. It is true that the final cost of such a loan will be slightly higher, but it will not overburden our home budget too much.

Before we go to the selected financial institution, it is also worth analyzing our creditworthiness. It is on this basis that the bank will decide whether it should grant us a loan. In this case, of course, the amount of income is taken into account, as well as its source, but the most important factor turns out to be our history of previous loans. If we pay earlier obligations on time, we become automatically much more credible as a borrower for the bank.

Compare offers of several banks

Compare offers of several banks

Often our attention is immediately caught by the offer of a specific bank, for example the one in which we currently have an account. It seems attractive to us, so on impulse we want to take out a loan. Especially since in some cases when relatively small amounts are involved, formalities are kept to a minimum. Let’s not get carried away! The decision on the loan should be preceded by a thorough familiarization with the terms offered by the bank and comparing them with other offers.

When we see in black and white information about several different offers, it will be easier for us to see which ones are better and which are worse. It may often seem to us that a loan is even tailored to our needs, but when we become familiar with the competition’s offer, it may turn out that the conditions proposed to us are not so favorable. It is worth comparing as many offers as possible, the more so because it is really easy nowadays. All you have to do is use the internet and credit comparison to find out in a few moments which banks should get our attention.

See all the costs associated with the loan

See all the costs associated with the loan

Very often, in their extensive promotional campaigns, banks are tempted by the vision of extremely low interest rates. Undoubtedly, such slogans attract the attention of potential borrowers. However, before we blindly believe in advertising slogans, we must understand that the costs we incur in connection with the loan, are not limited to the amount of interest. Therefore, before we decide on a specific payday loan, we should count how much it will actually cost us.

For some time, every bank has been required to provide its clients with a special, unified information form. This is a very important document that we should remember, because it contains full information about what exactly we have to pay in connection with the loan taken out in a given bank. Such a form is given to each borrower before signing the contract with the selected financial institution.

Although the information contained in such a form is extremely important, it is worth remembering that banks often use some tricks to lower the APRC and the total cost of credit. This can be done, for example, by omitting additional fees, which may include, for example, costs associated with maintaining an account set up in a given bank, or using an ATM card. For this reason, it is worth making all the calculations on your own to be aware of how much money we will eventually have to give back to the bank. It is worth paying attention to whether we need payday loan insurance. Usually, with a small amount of cash credit, this insurance will not be necessary.

A loan tailored to your needs

A loan tailored to your needs

When choosing a payday loan offer, we should also take into account our own needs and expectations related to such a commitment.

A good example are loan offers for a purpose specified by the bank. There are financial products that assume the use of the money obtained for the holidays, a new car or renovation of the apartment. It is worth looking at such offers up close, because they can be really profitable for us.

When planning to use a payday loan, we should also think about how we would like to pay it back. We can choose repayment in equal and decreasing installments. The first option is to pay the fixed amount each month. These types of installments include debt and interest. With the fact that we initially pay back more interest than capital, then the proportions are reversed. In the case of decreasing installments, their amount gets lower with time. They consist of the amount of debt repaid and interest, which is calculated on the amount of the outstanding debt. The capital is repaid faster and the sum of interest is lower.

Real estate credit: rates close to the lowest threshold in March /real-estate-credit-rates-close-to-the-lowest-threshold-in-march/ Tue, 02 Jul 2019 11:54:51 +0000 http://www.allin1-travel.com/real-estate-credit-rates-close-to-the-lowest-threshold-in-march/

Rates are falling again in March, a habit that brings the cost of home equity closer to historically low levels.

Always a good business to borrow at the beginning of the year

Always a good business to borrow at the beginning of the year

Interest rates, which pay a lender in exchange for a financing agreement, fall again in March to the delight of households who want to buy a property. Indeed, the average rate during this month of March falls to 1.39% against 1.44% in February, a decrease of 0.10% over one year, according to the study conducted by the Housing Credit Observatory THAT’S IT. It is also the lowest rate for a home loan since the historical threshold reached in 2016 with an average interest of 1.33%, regardless of the term of the loan. Good profiles have everything to gain by considering starting an acquisition project in this period.

In addition, is the population still able to borrow at negative real rates? It should be remembered that the year 2018 was particularly generous on this subject given a very noticed return of inflation measured at 1.8% according to INSEE. In concrete terms, this meant that household incomes increased beyond the cost of credit, since wages often rose faster than inflation, and some profiles could then borrow at theoretically negative rates. At the beginning of 2019, this situation is not really tangible for the majority of borrowers because inflation has fallen back to much lower levels. With an indicator valued at 1.1% in March 2019 over one year, real rates have thus returned to a positive level.

A cost of credit that rises as a result of longer loans and lower inflows

A cost of credit that rises as a result of longer loans and lower inflows

In addition, the cost of credit continues to grow since a real estate loan represented 4.27 years of revenue in Q1 2019 compared to 4.1 years a year earlier. A finding explained at first by a relaxation of the conditions of eligibility to obtain a mortgage loan agreement from a bank. They accept files with lower contributions, in order to attract first-time buyers, those young people who make the purchase of their first home, but also to extend the repayment periods which have the effect of increasing the overall cost operations. Conversely, the best profiles benefit from a much lower cost with the best rates.

Finally, a few years ago, lenders were still reluctant to grant mortgages over 25 or even 30 years. The decision to generalize longer loans is consistent with the willingness of banking institutions to open to a low-income clientele, but also to solve the price increase in the old market. Unsurprisingly, the Observatory said real estate loans are 29 months longer since the beginning of 2014, averaging 230 months in March.

Creating a financial reserve /creating-a-financial-reserve/ Sat, 29 Jun 2019 20:03:36 +0000 http://www.allin1-travel.com/creating-a-financial-reserve.htm

While at school they teach us how to make money, but it is even more important to be able to take care of them and manage them properly. Create a habit of building your assets.

At school and, of course, with family support, they taught us to read, write, count, make money, and more. But what they did not teach us is how to manage their finances. It’s important to focus on it from an early age. Abroad, it is common that they already have the subject “Financial Literacy” at primary schools. In Slovakia, the interest would be, but it has no one to teach for lack of qualified professionals or not enough money for it. While at school, they teach us how to make money, but from my point of view it is even more important to be able to care for and manage them.


What is the financial reserve and what it is for


Creating a financial reserve is important for the safe functioning of the household financial flow in the family. It represents the funds available to you in the event of an unexpected adverse event that may occur. Most of the time, you know your income that goes into the family budget, but it’s worse with your monthly spending. The best way to orient yourself in your expenses is to write them all on paper or on your computer. Divide them by category into regular (fixed), occasional, unforeseen … and at least the last three months.


Finance discipline is the most important factor. Don’t buy things “just” because you like it, think about it and plan more spending. Put your money forward and don’t use a reserve.




What should be the amount of the reserve

What should be the amount of the reserve

The key to orientation and firm grasp of your budget is to orient yourself in your spending. We used the “type of hand-to-mouth” excuses, all of which we were using. Yes, there are really difficult life situations when a person has almost no income and is dependent on help. But if we’re lucky to be healthy and have a regular income, that’s the time to think of “back door”. It is appropriate, even almost necessary, to have a financial reserve created, ideally, equal to a 6-month household expenditure. For many, this seems like an unattainable myth. If you are used to saving (“who saves me for three”), you will acquire the liberating feeling that will give you the financial reserve.




When to start

When to start

It is very important to start saving as soon as possible, even immediately, though in small amounts, but regularly. The creation of the iron reserve should be at least 10% of the revenue per month. Even if at least such an amount is not postponed due to the amount of income and expenses, it is not necessary to give up and create a habit of putting aside money. However, this is the creation of the “iron reserve”, which should be postponed as soon as you receive the income.


The worst thing is if you say you’re postponed until the end of the month if something goes up. But in this way you will not create a reserve because something unforeseen will still come and at the end of the month you will find that you have nothing to put aside. If you do the other way around, as I mentioned, and as soon as you pay the necessary expenses (such as a loan installment, SIPO, school, food, and so on), immediately deposit at least a small amount to your account where you won’t normally have a card. The reserve should not earn you a lot of money, but it must be available at any time (liquid) if you have to use it. If you are forced to reach this created reserve, you do not have to forget it as soon as you receive another income, complete it.




I already have a reserve, what next?

I already have a reserve, what next?

You say that I’ve already created a reserve, so what’s next. It is best if you make short money, medium and long, at the same time. Of course, as they let go of finance and it must be well proportionally distributed.


The reserve serves for a sudden but short-term loss of income. If for some reason you lose income for a longer period or lose your ability to work, this is covered by accident insurance, possibly associated with savings, which will cover your income. However, investment or capital insurance is already a long-term investment. 


Another well-known old wisdom says, “Cover yourself with the feather you have.” However, even if the time of seeming abundance and the availability of everything around us, everyone at least “tries” to buy more than you really need, it is good to resist.




Learn to read and write correctly in your finances

Learn to read and write correctly in your finances

So if you want to learn “read and write” with your own money, you must first check your spending. Most of us know exactly how much they earn, but considerably fewer people know exactly what they spend on their money. Even a small spared cost will bring prosperity. However, if you need some of your need to satisfy your loan, which is absolutely fine, you need to keep in mind another – and that the repayments of your loans and borrowings should not be higher than 30% of your monthly income.


Create a habit of building your assets. If you can’t give your own advice, look for experts who will help you with this and explain other important things about your finances, because the reserve just begins but does not end and many things are connected. The right financial plan is complex and you have to understand and keep up with it.

What is fintech? Learn how you can help with your finances /what-is-fintech-learn-how-you-can-help-with-your-finances/ Wed, 19 Jun 2019 20:41:40 +0000 http://www.allin1-travel.com/what-is-fintech-learn-how-you-can-help-with-your-finances.htm

Fintech is a saving alternative to the exhausting bank queues, that is, a Fintech is a company that offers financial services, but allied to technology, which makes it a more practical service, fast and without bureaucracy, all done online.

Fintechs are spread all over Brazil offering the most varied services, such as online loan, credit card or investment. According to a world report on banks, Fintechs have more customers than banks, where 70% prefer the online service to traditional banks.

Below we will introduce you to the types of services offered by fintechs:

  1. Fintech Credit Card

    Fintech Credit Card

Bank Credit is the ideal example of fintech credit card. We know that when applying for a credit card we are subject to pay for the annuity, unlike the traditional card there is the Bank Credit card that guarantees exemption from the annuity. If you are thinking of getting rid of the annuity of your card, try asking for a Bank Credit card, which when approached arrives at you in the mail. Remember that Bank Credit agencies do not exist, every service is done by the application or email.

  1. Fintech Financial Control

As its name suggests, this type of online business offers financial control services. Fintech performs this function for more than three million users, so the platform integrates with your current accounts or savings by automatically updating your balance.

  1. Fintech investment

    Fintech investment

ABC is a fintech that shows you which are the best investment options for you based on the amount you want to invest, so this information makes it easy for you to choose.

  1. Fintech Loan Online

    Fintech Loan Online

Financial Group is part of this financial sector offering credit quickly and without bureaucracy. You can apply for the loan right now from the website or our application. Do you need money? Apply for your personal loan with us, it’s online and 100% safe.

Learn what debt transfer is and how to do it /learn-what-debt-transfer-is-and-how-to-do-it/ Tue, 18 Jun 2019 02:40:06 +0000 http://www.allin1-travel.com/learn-what-debt-transfer-is-and-how-to-do-it.htm

Although the name is suggestive, not everyone knows what debt transfer is and how to do it. So let’s look at how this alternative can get us out of bigger financial problems. Follow it.

What is debt transfer

What is debt transfer

When we are indebted, one of the options available to remedy such a situation is the transfer of debts. The debtor transfers the debt transferable to a third party.

An example of a transfer is the financing of vehicles and real estate, where the defaulter can pass his asset to another person in the transfer situation.

  • What is more advantageous to build or buy a property?
  • Questions You Should Ask Before Financing a Vehicle

The transfer takes place under the analysis and authorization of the creditor, who will evaluate the conditions of the person who will receive the debt, being subject to receive charges for the transfer.

When considering the amount of installments that have already been paid by the debtor, it is still possible that the debtor receives some reimbursement. However, depending on the default time, the payment may have covered interest only, consequently the repayment will not happen.

  • How not to get into debt again? See these tips
  • I’m in debt, what can I do?

Transfer of debts from one bank to another


Within this modality there is also the so-called portability of financing, an alternative very little publicized by the agencies and authorized since 2006 by the Central Bank.

  • Do not you understand finance? Know 5 channels on YouTube that will teach you

This option allows the transfer of debt from one bank to another in order to obtain better interest rates and financing conditions.

The portability of financing is a great help for the customer who wants to get out of abusive interest or get rid of poor service.

How to carry out the debt transfer

How to carry out the debt transfer

It should be noted that some financial and types of financing do not authorize the transfer. Therefore, it is necessary to apply at the institution.

Once the authorization is granted, the creditor will need the personal data of the new debtor so that he can make an assessment.

If the new debtor is able to pay the debt, payment of fees, signature of contracts and, finally, transfer of documents will be carried out.

For banks, the process is different, since the creditor’s authorization is not required. In this process, be aware of the CET (Total Effective Cost) that will determine the costs and benefits of the loan.

It is essential to emphasize that portability of financing is a right of all, and therefore, the bank should not hamper the transfer.

Finally, debt transfer becomes an ally when one notices the inability to afford debt or financing. Seek the financial and inform your need.

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And remember, if your need is a personal loan, simulate with the Financial Group. Loan insurance, easy and without leaving home.

Financial Group, you far from red.

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Real estate loans are loans where the principal security for their repayment is the establishment of a mortgage on the property. With the launch of the loan, the first entry in the land and mortgage register of the property is entered, where the lender will appear.

Loans against real estate are usually granted by private companies and individuals, non-bank and banking institutions. These entities have methodologies for granting loans that particularly score mortgage collateral, thanks to which the ability to obtain a loan is acquired even by people with low incomes or unstable employment.

“I am looking for a real estate loan” – which one?

"I am looking for a real estate loan" - which one?

“I am looking for a real estate loan” is a common post on online forums. Those interested in such a product still have doubts whether such a loan is safe, how to apply for it, where it can be obtained. In this case, the action should be reduced to several stages, namely:

  • Finding the right company that provides loans secured by real estate, it is worth using Internet search engines, get to know the offers described on the websites of companies
  • Make a comparison of available loans, in particular costs,
  • Consulting with the company’s representative the conditions for starting the loan, checking whether any property that the future borrower possesses meets the expectations of the loan company as an acceptable repayment security,
  • Careful verification of the proposed provisions of the loan agreement, parameters of the commitment presented in the information form.

Is a loan against real estate a safe solution?

Is a loan against <a href=real estate a safe solution?” />

A real estate loan is a safe solution because:

  • Establishing collateral for the repayment of liabilities on real estate is a legally permissible activity, regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code
  • If the debtor repays his liability in a timely manner, the bank or lender will not assert its rights from this property,
  • Repayment of the liability to the lender results in the deletion of the mortgage entry, so it releases many thousands of Poles in Poland, incurs such obligations, repays them on time, releases their property after paying off the debt. There are no irregularities or dangerous activities in this respect.

Real estate loans – what does the repayment security look like and what are the consequences?

Real estate loans - what does the repayment security look like and what are the consequences?

In a situation where the debtor who has an active loan against the property is not repaying it, a negative scenario is possible, i.e. enforcement against the property. However, for this to happen, the standard debt collection and enforcement procedure takes place earlier:

  • Summoning the debtor to pay by phone, SMS, prompts, field debt collector visits, conducting talks with the debtor at the amicable stage.
  • After a prolonged period of refusal to repay the debt, e.g. failure to pay at least several subsequent loan installments, sending a notice of termination, indicating the notice period.
  • If the loan is not repaid within the specified notice period, the notice becomes active.
  • Referral to the stage of court proceedings, issue of an order for payment.
  • Enforcing repayment of a loan from a secured property, most often in two ways – enabling independent sale of the property to the debtor and repayment of the debt at the bank, unless the debtor does not take advantage of this proposal, independent lending of the property by the lender.

In an extreme form, if the loan is not repaid on time, the property may be sold and the funds obtained will be transferred to the lender’s account to pay off the debt.

Is it reasonable to set up a loan repayment security? Will I lose my property given as a loan?

Is it reasonable to set up a loan repayment security?&nbsp;Will I lose my property given as a loan?

Establishing a loan repayment security has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there is a risk that if the loan is not repaid, the property will be lost. Nevertheless, this is a very extreme situation. In addition, lenders are now very preferential to their clients. Before deciding on legal proceedings and seeking repayment of real estate loans, they give the debtor many amicable options for repaying the liability.

It is also a very honest solution to enable the independent sale of real estate to the Debtor. Then it is possible, for example, to sell the property for a high amount (sufficient funds to repay the debt with the Lender, as well as the rest for own use). This solution is for many debtors the opportunity to sell real estate to a loved one from whom it is likely to be bought back for some time. However, thanks to such protection, many people can get the resources they need when they are not able to do it themselves. Therefore, it is a preferential solution and worth attention in many cases. A real estate loan is a chance to get out of other serious debts when banking and loan institutions refuse to grant a loan to a person without such collateral.

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Hardly anyone is able to buy an apartment for cash. Hence, most buyers must take out a loan to buy an apartment. However, it is required to have a proper own contribution, depending on the price of the flat. Sometimes these are large sums exceeding the possibilities of a family or a couple. Fortunately, it is possible to take out a loan for own contribution – but how to do it?

Owning your own apartment is a dream for many people. Let’s add that the dream is difficult to realize at current housing prices. Of course, the final price depends on the city and the specific location of the property, as well as its size and possible other additional advantages (such as a balcony, proximity of greenery, quiet neighborhood, etc.). However, they are always huge costs. 

What is the own contribution for a housing loan?

What is the own contribution for a housing loan?

In the past it was possible to take flats entirely on credit – this means that own contribution was welcome but was not required. However, the 2014 changes made it necessary to have additional savings to make a home contribution to the housing loan. Everything is related to the S recommendation introduced by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the general tightening of credit policy. Banks that were able to grant loans without a down payment up to 110% of the value of the property up to that point had to give it up.

Changes were introduced gradually. In 2014, the required own contribution was only 5% of the total value of the property, which was quite a lot anyway. However, in 2017 and 2018 it was as much as 20%. You can calculate the cost of your own contribution using the online loan calculators. However, these are large sums, and yet housing prices are constantly rising, which also means that the amount of own contribution is constantly increasing. It is hardly surprising that a lot of people are looking for some way out of the situation – preferably a loan to pay for their own contribution and then pay back the loan of their own apartment instead of paying someone for rent. 

Own contribution loan – is it possible?

Own contribution loan - is it possible?

Just a few years ago, you could easily take out a loan without a down payment . Today this is not possible – unless the bank obtains some additional, solid collateral for the housing loan. However, is it possible to take a second loan to pay for my own contribution? Ideally, someone in the family – for example, the parents of a young couple who wants to buy an apartment – should be able to take out a loan. Then it does not burden the newlyweds, who can easily use the money and take out their own debt, i.e. a housing loan . However, if your parents or anyone else is unable to help, you need to think about a loan for own contribution obtained in a different way. Yes, it is possible, although not in a traditional bank. 

How to get a loan for own contribution?

How to get a loan for own contribution?

The best option is to look for a property offer that the developer grants loans for own contribution. These types of offers are very popular. Since housing prices will rise, and therefore it will be more difficult to raise funds for own contribution, it can be assumed that there will be more such offers. However, this option only appears if you are buying a flat from the primary market. Even if the selected developer does not announce it in its offer, it is worth asking him about financing his own contribution – maybe something similar works in the selected company and you will be able to use this option.

Those who work in large companies are also in a favorable situation. They can always get a loan from the company cash register. It can be used to finance own contribution. What’s more, you won’t have to pay additional commissions or think about interest rates – so this is a good solution, towering over loans from banks or loan companies. 

What instead of own contribution?

What is the own contribution for a housing loan?

Recommendation S, introduced by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, prohibits financing the own contribution from borrower’s loans and credits. Funds should be collected by a specific person or persons by themselves. You even have to make a special declaration to the bank that the money that you spend on your own payment does not come from loans, but has been collected by applicants for a home loan. However, if you do not have the right amount and all loans from a particular person are out of the question, it is worth checking to see if the bank is replacing your own deposit with another security. It is possible to secure the loan with another property or treat the plot as own contribution. There is also another option – increasing the margin rate. If the borrower agrees to such collateral, the bank can finance up to 90% of expenses. For many people, this solution may be the most reasonable – so you should think about it.