North Wales travel agency expands team as holiday demand increases

Changes to overseas transit rules have sparked a new surge in jobs and growth at a North Wales travel agency.

Delmar World, which has been operating in Gresford since 1964, will reinforce its team after seeing a marked surge in interest in bookings following the relaxation of international travel restrictions.

The family-owned travel business launched a work-from-home division and also put permanent office hires back on the radar to help meet the growing demand for services.

Its new work-from-home service will seek to further help travelers not only find their next vacation, but also guide them through the changing laws imposed by international shipping during a global pandemic.

The agency, which currently employs seven people, aims to surpass the 14 employees the company employed before the pandemic, with bookings for 2022 already totaling half of its annual pre-covid targets.

Delmar World Managing Director Ann Anglesea said: “Customers want to catch up with the world and we have gradually recorded bookings for more remote areas, which reflects the confidence that can be found in travel to the world. over time.

“This increase in trust is coming to us now because it means that the days of simply booking your travel online may be behind us as the role of the travel agent returns to the fore.

“People are now turning to professionals who are not only familiar with the changing rules and regulations of international transit, but who also have the experience and personal knowledge to plan a long-awaited vacation.

“We have seen renewed interest since the restrictions were lifted, which is why we are excited to launch a home work division that will allow us not only to help more people lock in their perfect trip, but also to help more people lock in their perfect trip. ‘be more easily accessible during evenings and weekends. “

An addition to the services comes after Delmar World’s work during the pandemic, where it operated alongside vendors to produce a series of videos aimed at keeping people informed and inspired so they can plan ahead and have something to do with it. something to look forward to once restrictions are relaxed.

Its commitment to clients has been recognized as Delmar was recently named Small Agency of the Year (North West England & North Wales) at the Travel Weekly Agent Achievement Awards 2021.

Ann added, “Confidence in being able to take a well-deserved vacation is vital, and our clients know we will guide them through the process from start to finish.

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“With respect to pre and post departure travel rules becoming something that could jeopardize a vacation if not followed properly, it is so important that our customers trust us to make sure everything is in order, so the only problem they have to deal with is the packaging for the trip itself.

“It’s not just clients who need this confidence in our services; our excellent suppliers also trust us to provide good information and recommendations to our customers, and over the past 18 months we have worked hard to maintain that trust.

“The fact that the vendors we worked with during the pandemic awarded us the Small Agency of the Year award is incredibly significant, as it shows that trust in our services has remained. “

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