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Want to get away for a stay this fall? Perhaps Poundbury, an experimental community built on King Charles’ architectural visions, is the place to be.

The Duchy of Cornwall’s official website reads: “Poundbury is an urban extension of the Dorset county town of Dorchester, built on the principles of architecture and town planning advocated by the Prince of Wales in” A Vision of Britain “.”

It is relatively new, with construction only beginning in 1993. It currently houses some 4,600 people, on 400 acres of land.

Aaron Young took to Youtube to document the lives of the people of Poundbury.

Pippa Steintiford said: “The main reason we ended up here is that everything is within walking distance and it works around the family.”

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Ben Black said, “It’s a new town but it has an old-fashioned village feel.”

Urban sprawl is based on four key principles. The first principle is the Architecture of Place, focusing on creating beauty and reflecting local character and identity.

Next is integrated affordable housing, throughout development and indistinguishable from private housing.

Poundbury is mixed-use, housing residences, public amenities, retail and other commercial uses as well as open space, with a focus on community.


Finally, it is a Walkable community, giving priority to pedestrians over cars.

The Duchy of Cornwall website states: “This approach challenges some of the planning assumptions of the latter part of the 20th century.

“As Poundbury has grown it has demonstrated that there is a real alternative to the way we build new communities in the UK.”

Far from being a lover of modernism, the King supports using the traditional methods that have guided Britain’s past to inform the future, as outlined in his 1989 book, A Vision of Britain.

In the 2014 Architectural Review, he clearly expresses his position on modern urban planning: “We need to reconnect with those traditional approaches and techniques that have been perfected over thousands of years which, only in the 20th century, were considered ‘out of date’. old” and of no use in a modern progressive era.”

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Speaking of his Poundbury architectural experience, King Charles has previously said he was ‘committed to creating an attractive place for people to live, work and play’.

“Many people said it could never succeed, but I’m happy to say the skeptics were wrong and it’s now a thriving urban settlement alongside Dorchester.”

But Poundbury is not yet finished, with the area expected to be completed around 2025.

It will eventually have a community of around 5,800 people.

King Charles visits Poundbury regularly to see the progress of the community, meet residents and workers, and learn about new businesses.

In 2016, the late Queen Elizabeth II made a special visit to Poundbury to unveil the Queen Mother statue in Queen Mother Square.

Other senior members of the Royal Family including the late Prince Philip, and the current King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla.

For Brits who want a taste of the King’s urban sprawl for themselves, there are a number of hotels in the area.

The Duchess of Cornwall Inn is a beautiful Georgian building, with bar and restaurant, opened in 2016 by Charles and Camilla.

As well as living, Poundbury provides 2,400 people with work in over 240 shops, cafes, offices and factories.

Another 200 are employed in construction. Others are self-employed and occasionally work from home.

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