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Like many budget airlines, Ryanair charges its passengers if they want to select particular seats to sit on their flights.

Ryanair flights offer window, middle and aisle seats, so if you want to take in the views during your flight, you might want to choose the former.

But not all “window” seats actually have a window, as some surprised passengers have discovered.

Indeed, passengers discovered that seat 11A on Ryanair flights had no window, despite being next to the wall of the plane.

This is due to the layout of low-cost chain aircraft.

In fact, the seat only has one star on flight rating website SeatLink, the Liverpool Echo reports.

As one reviewer said: “There are no windows, if you need to see out so you don’t feel sick, stay away. I thought I was going to vomit for 90% of the flight as I had no reference to the outside”, while another said there were “better seats to sit on”.

Ryanair has repeatedly mocked the seat on Twitter. Responding to someone about their first flight with the airline, a tweet from the official Ryanair account said: “Book 11A, enjoy the view! [smiley-face]”.

A more recent tweet from Ryanair simply read: “11A needs his own Twitter Account”.

On its website, Ryanair describes the seat as “the perfect seat if you plan to catch a few zzzs on an early morning flight”.

He adds: “This seat is also a little lifesaver late at night when you’ve spent the day traveling and all you want is a few minutes of sleep.”

It comes after Ryanair canceled all flights to Zaventem airport in Brussels. Flights to Zaventem will be canceled until at least March 2023 after Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary said the winter would be “extremely difficult”.

Mr O’Leary said: “This winter is going to be extremely difficult, with higher fuel costs, so an increase in airport charges like in Zaventem is not sustainable.”

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