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The push for digitalization is getting stronger with each passing day. Internet services are on the rise, as brick and mortar stores fall from grace; consumers are becoming tech savvy and adapting to the idea of ​​ordering through the gadget they carry in their pockets instead of visiting a store. It is becoming the new normal and many companies want to take advantage of this development.

ShareTrip, the leading online travel agency (OTA), is changing the way travel bookings are made in the country. ShareTrip is poised to make monumental changes in the way people plan their vacations in the years to come.

It started as Travel Booking BD in 2014. After a series of investments and subsequent rebranding, they introduced a cutting edge app and website with a complete end-to-end travel solution for an experience. more comprehensive for travelers. The app is intuitive and responsive, which makes sense due to the dedicated in-house technical team that develops and advances its products and services as an ongoing practice.

Kashef Rahman, Founder and CEO, said, “With the dream of a digital Bangladesh, we hope to bring more people online by showcasing meaningful services provided by ShareTrip that enrich their lives. “

Pre-COVID scenario

In the pre-COVID days, ShareTrip operated with more than 115 employees, including a full-fledged technical team to innovate its app (Android and iOS) and web users. Less than a year after its launch, the application had managed to gain the trust of more than 250,000 users. Over 600,000 had joined their Facebook page, following travel updates, offers and trends.

ShareTrip uses the world’s largest tour operators, hotel distributors and flight distribution systems to provide its users with incredible flexibility in choosing their vacations by bringing over 2.7 million hotels and flights across all regions. countries available at your fingertips. Their deep integration into the travel industry ensures a seamless and consistent travel experience for their customers and plenty of options to choose from.

“It has become more important than ever to communicate and educate the public on new travel paradigms that will ensure the safety of everyone involved. At ShareTrip, we have built dedicated resources and technological advancements, which are quite rare. in the industry, to execute these requirements effectively and efficiently, ”said Sadia Haque, Co-Founder and CCO, ShareTrip, highlighting their accomplishments so far.

One of ShareTrip’s recent innovations is the introduction of their B2B platform. Simply put, ShareTrip allows local travel agents to use ShareTrip’s inventory through this platform and sell travel services to their customers. It is truly an exceptional example of the use of the Internet to empower people in various parts of the country.

The present time

The entire tourism industry has suffered incredible losses due to the pandemic. Many businesses have closed in its wake, but ShareTrip has made it through the uncertain times. Despite the negative impacts on the tourism industry, ShareTrip has capitalized on a good hope of light from domestic travel and tourism in Bangladesh.

With technical innovations, ShareTrip strives to provide better services and facilities to its B2B agents, which is an alternative source of income for all of its partners. This benefits agents and their clients. This strategic plan has helped many companies stay afloat during these troubling times, while raising the bar of convenience when it comes to traveling within the country or abroad.

Since June 1, 2020, national airlines have operated more than 15,000 return flights per month with very healthy cabin coverage of over 85%. Biman Bangladesh is even introducing a new Sylhet-Cox’s Bazar-Sylhet route from November 12, 2020. ShareTrip, tightly integrated with airlines, has worked hand in hand, playing a key role in promoting domestic travel.

Air travel is now safer than visiting a grocery store, shopping or dining out according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), as only 44 positive COVID cases were found among 1.2 billion passengers. People are confident enough to get back on the plane, just waiting for visa applications to open.

Sohail Majid, CSO, said: “The rise in domestic travel is a beacon of hope as we wait for the resumption of visas for all countries so that the travel industry can return to normal.”

ShareTrip is great for assessing market trends and adjusting accordingly. They worked with industry leaders to lift Bangladesh tourism and aviation out of the crisis. He has set ambitious goals for himself, but overcoming adversity seems like second nature to them.

ShareTrip has big plans for the industry. Their B2B platform has helped local agents serve a wider range of customers using ShareTrip’s extensive inventory. They aim to increase convenience for agents by incorporating mobile financial services into the platform.

They are poised to bring about a paradigm shift that will aim to bring similar types of innovation to national hoteliers in the coming days, allowing them to easily manage their room inventory and make them known to guests nationwide and across the country. whole world. ShareTrip hopes to raise the bar for hospitality across the industry and across the country.

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