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Road trips are one of the quintessential summer activities, but it takes a lot of planning, especially if you plan to cross the country. While you can figure out exactly where you’re going to eat and stay and what to see, plans can change if you encounter unexpected weather. Instead of rolling with the hits, you can now try to do Plan B if you get hit by bad weather using a new The weather channel trip planner. In collaboration with Stamen Design, the road trip planner will show you the weather forecast for each stop you make along the way to help you prepare or choose a new route entirely.

The road trip planner can be particularly useful if there are several different routes that you can take from one city to another. “So let’s say you’re driving from New York to San Francisco and you’re trying to decide whether to cross straight or go up or down a bit,” the Stamen Design blog post read. “This will give you a feel for the rain or the sun when you plan to be in the middle of Nebraska.”

To get started, simply enter your departure and arrival cities. Click the plus bubble to add stops and the app will generate the forecast weather for that general location. You can also go into each city’s details to note what day and time you plan to leave to get the most accurate forecast. However, since the weather forecast is not made for more than a week at a time, things can be a bit limited in this regard.

The developers also added a Yelp API to help travelers plan restaurant suggestions in the neighborhood so that all the traveler has left is their hotel accommodation. The Stamen Design blog post also shows some prototype photos of the map, including a forecast of the whole country to show full weather conditions. It could also be useful in determining which region you want to cross during which time period rather than entering random routes and hoping for the best.

While the map won’t show you the best recommended route, it can help you know exactly what to bring on the trip. Yet, like most weather forecasts, you can’t always expect the forecast to be entirely correct. But for a free app that provides useful insight, we see no reason not to use The weather channel trip planner. Unless, of course, you like the feeling of uncertainty or driving in a storm. After all, what is a road trip without spontaneous adventures?

At this time, the app is currently only available for travel to the United States. Sample of your own possible trip here.

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