Travel agency boss cashed £ 5,000 in holiday cash from customers

A travel agent admitted to pocketing thousands of pounds in cash.

Jordan Stewart deposited £ 5,000 into his own bank account while running ABR Travel in Lanarkshire.

The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to theft at Hamilton Sheriff Court this week on East Kilbride News reports.

And now her former boss Liz Ross says she’s devastated by her behavior, insisting it’s been a nightmare.

Stewart’s twisted behavior was revealed during a company audit.

In court, prosector Aga Mathieson, explained that Stewart owns 30 percent of the business, with two other people owning the remaining 70 percent.

She told the court: “Stewart ran the travel agency and was involved in all cash transactions and the day-to-day running of the business.

“During an audit, it turned out that he had taken payments for a vacation and put them in his personal account.

“Customers didn’t pay out of pocket because of it, because the company honored their vacation. The company lost.”

Stewart admitted to stealing the money from the Newmains agency between January 2017 and March 2018.

Defense officer Andy Brophy said Stewart was both a director and employee of the franchise company.

He said: “My client describes the business as being quite chaotic when it comes to getting money in and out and money being kept in a safe.

“Defense witnesses who would have testified if the trial had taken place are family members of the accused and friends.

“The money was actually paid by them into Mr. Stewart’s personal account. He accepts that this results in theft.”

Mr Brophy said there was also a dispute between Stewart and the other administrators over the money that was taken out of the safe.

Stewart has since paid them £ 10,000 to resolve the ‘unfortunate situation’.

Mr Brophy said Stewart, of Townswell Gardens, Glassford, had resigned from the company and had worked for another company for two years as an account manager.

Speaking to East Kilbride News, Ms Ross said: ‘He was someone who was treated like family.

“I was devastated when it happened and I am devastated now.

“The past two and a half years have been a nightmare for me. It has totally changed my life.

“After this was revealed we had to pick up the pieces and we had to deal with customers who were concerned their vacations were affected.

“He showed no remorse. He was laughing and joking as he walked out of court.

“For me, he gets away with it lightly. Because of that, I find it hard to trust people and that’s because he has broken the trust of me, the staff and our customers. “

In August, ABR was forced to close its doors after seven years in business due to the impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry.

Sheriff Douglas Brown has postponed his sentence until Dec. 29 for a criminal justice social work report and electronic tagging assessment.

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