Travel news: Scandinavia and South America win best restaurant awards

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(CNN) – This week in travel news: The world’s best restaurants for 2022, the world’s strongest passports and the worst airports for delays and cancellations this summer.

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South Africa is one of the few countries on the US Disease Management and Prevention Facilities travel advisory file where the drop in Covid charges this week has reduced the degree of risk. Anthony Bourdain visited Johannesburg in 2013 and spent a day in the life of a taxi driver exploring the city’s tradition and food. Listen to the “Unknown Tracks” podcast.

If only every air travel experience was this fast. More than half of flights this summer were delayed at a North American airport. Below is the list of global airports currently experiencing the worst delays and cancellations.

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A restaurant in Copenhagen has been named the best on the planet: it is located in a football stadium, does not serve meat and is only open 4 days a week. Read on to learn more about the restaurants honored with this year’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.

Prime 50s have their own uncommon qualities, but there’s only one restaurant on this planet with a dinosaur seal of approval: 100-million-year-old sauropod footprints have been found in a restaurant in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

And in London, celebrity Ukrainian chef Yurii Kovryzhenko is set to open a restaurant in the upscale Chelsea neighborhood where Ukrainian refugees work. The name of the bistro is Mriya, which means “dream” in Ukrainian, and it was also the name of the Antonov An-225, the largest cargo plane in the world, which was destroyed during the occupation of Ukraine.

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From the snow-capped peaks of Cascade Saddle in New Zealand to the sumptuous and wild Kokoda Monitor in Papua New Guinea, we’ve rounded up the world’s most treacherous mountaineering trails – but the challenges are worth it.

If all you are looking for are coastal paths, attractive beaches and purple sunsets, we also recommend the 100 Tower Trails of Sardinia, one of the most beautiful coastal walks in Italy.

And in San Francisco, a brand new federal park has been built right above a busy freeway tunnel. The 14-acre Presidio tunnel tops were designed by the same agency as New York Metropolis’ famed Excessive Line.

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Dubai opened its first school camel last year, and surprisingly in a historically male-dominated following, it was a huge hit with the girls.

Fermented mare’s milk is the most important attraction of Kyrgyzstan. Kumis is a traditional drink in this former Soviet republic, but beginners should be warned that milking a mare is far more troublesome than milking a cow.

And when it comes to winemaking in South Africa, some of the company’s most valuable employees have their teeth and feet. At Vergenoegd Löw The Wine Property, just outside Cape City, a battalion of around 1,600 wandering geese are employed to keep the winery pest-free.

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