Travelers are more disrupted by France ATC strikes

European flights are set to face further disruption later this month with another planned strike by French air traffic control (ATC) workers.

Members of the SNCTA union went on strike for 24 hours on Friday September 16, causing the cancellation of around 1,000 flights to and from France. The strike also affected flights passing through French airspace.

The SNCTA is now planning another longer three-day shutdown for September 28-30, unless the dispute over wages and working conditions can be resolved.

The union urged its members to “stay mobilized” and the public authorities to make “concrete” proposals to try to put an end to the conflict. The SNCTA added that it was ready to “negotiate relentlessly” to reach a settlement before the next strike scheduled for the end of the month.

Air France was forced to cancel around half of its 800 scheduled flights on Friday after the DGAC asked carriers to cut their scheduled services from French airports by 50%.

Irish airline Ryanir has also been hit hard with 420 flights canceled due to the strike by French air traffic controllers.

Ryanair has called for “immediate action” from the EU to prevent strikes by air traffic controllers from impacting so many flights in the future.

Director of Operations Neal McMahon added: “It is inexcusable that passengers who do not even fly to/from France are disturbed because they are flying over French airspace at a time when French legislation protects French domestic flights.

“It is time for the EU to intervene and protect overflights so that European passengers are not repeatedly ransomed by a small French ATC union.”

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