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What makes the club unique is that it is also open to family members of students, she said. “We had moms, dads, aunts and grandmothers who came on the trip.”

With a focus on history and culture, tours took place to Hawaii, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Normandy beaches, Puerto Rico and New York in groups ranging from 18 to 90 .

Group rates and school discounts cost around 65% less than what an individual would pay, she said.

While most of the travel logistics are organized by tour operators with experience in student travel, the trips are also personalized by the travel club. With a few exceptions, travel takes place when school is not in session.

Students can take trips for fun or to earn college or high school credits. To earn credit, students create, document, and present a research project on a topic related to travel.

The travel club meets twice a month after school. Each destination is chosen by the group as a whole.

When the 75-member club isn’t planning an upcoming trip, they often fundraise for the next one.

Travel costs can range from $ 1,700 to $ 4,000.

Fundraising a few years ago consisted of sales of pastries and candy bars, but new federal regulations restricting the sale of snack foods at school have put a damper on that, students said.


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