UK traffic light system could be scrapped

The UK’s traffic light system, widely criticized by the travel industry, is expected to be overhauled in the coming weeks, according to people familiar with the matter.

The government appears poised to drop the current green and orange categories and replace them with a system that allows vaccinated travelers to travel to countries with similar immunization levels to the UK. It is believed that the review will take place before October 1.

It is understood that the red list of countries, which the government says should not be visited and from which arrivals must enter a government-approved quarantine facility, will remain in place.

Commenting on the reports, Paul Charles, CEO of travel consulting firm The PC Agency, said: “The simplest system, as we have advocated and the government is currently considering, is for countries to be red or green. , but with less red. This already works well for US citizens who travel abroad and have a lot of freedom; and would eliminate much of the travel distress caused by worries about frequent color zone changes at a destination.

“There is also no reason for countries like South Africa, Turkey and Kenya to be on the red list and be banned from full citizens.”

“But we also need to see the testing regime simplified for those who are completely stung. Pre-departure tests, carried out before flying, training or returning to the UK, should be completely withdrawn if you are fully vaccinated, and day 2 testing should be antigenic and not PCR.

He added: “Only by simplifying in this way will travel be able to recover properly.”

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