What is fintech? Learn how you can help with your finances

Fintech is a saving alternative to the exhausting bank queues, that is, a Fintech is a company that offers financial services, but allied to technology, which makes it a more practical service, fast and without bureaucracy, all done online.

Fintechs are spread all over Brazil offering the most varied services, such as online loan, credit card or investment. According to a world report on banks, Fintechs have more customers than banks, where 70% prefer the online service to traditional banks.

Below we will introduce you to the types of services offered by fintechs:

  1. Fintech Credit Card

    Fintech Credit Card

Bank Credit is the ideal example of fintech credit card. We know that when applying for a credit card we are subject to pay for the annuity, unlike the traditional card there is the Bank Credit card that guarantees exemption from the annuity. If you are thinking of getting rid of the annuity of your card, try asking for a Bank Credit card, which when approached arrives at you in the mail. Remember that Bank Credit agencies do not exist, every service is done by the application or email.

  1. Fintech Financial Control

As its name suggests, this type of online business offers financial control services. Fintech performs this function for more than three million users, so the platform integrates with your current accounts or savings by automatically updating your balance.

  1. Fintech investment

    Fintech investment

ABC is a fintech that shows you which are the best investment options for you based on the amount you want to invest, so this information makes it easy for you to choose.

  1. Fintech Loan Online

    Fintech Loan Online

Financial Group is part of this financial sector offering credit quickly and without bureaucracy. You can apply for the loan right now from the website or our application. Do you need money? Apply for your personal loan with us, it’s online and 100% safe.